What will Fall Roof Inspection Do for My Property?
SAVE YOU MONEY!! Having your property inspected this Fall can prevent against a wide range of disasters this winter. A full inspection will make sure your roof, and its features, are in good working condition, which will save you the cost and stress of dealing with sudden damages down the line. Especially in the Northeast, where we encounter brutal weather conditions, it’s imperative that your roof is able to handle the harsh climate. Fall is the perfect time to have a routine roof maintenance check and make sure everything is in order!

Here is what you need to focus on during your maintenance check:
First, inspect the roof and its accessories for damage. Check shingles for warping or damage and if you have a metal roof, look for signs of corrosion or gaps in the seams that may lead to leaks. Inspect the flashings and replace any faulty pieces.

If you have trees within close proximity to your structure, inspect and trim them. With winter comes heavy snow, and that can spell disaster for trees that are already on their way out. Dead limbs can severely damage the roof if they give way. Even if you have twigs and leaves gathered on the roof, these can cause rotting and blocked gutters which can lead to roof damage. Trim overhanging branches to avoid any issues!

Speaking of gutters, clean them out! You’ll likely have to do this near the end of fall to prepare for winter, but it doesn’t hurt to clean them more frequently, especially with all the rain we’ve experienced this summer. When gutters are properly anchored and functioning, they draw rainwater and melted snow off your roofline and away from your structure. When they’re blocked, by leaves and debris, it can cause a real problem.

Lastly, ask a professional to do a proper inspection of your roof. Even if you think you know what to look for, there may be some things you’re missing. Getting your roof assessed and fixed before a harsh winter hits can make all the difference in how it handles the season.

If you’re looking for help, contact Cooper Roofing today. We’ve got decades of experience in both residential and commercial roofing and we’re ready to handle all your roofing needs.

Roof Assessments for New Property Acquisitions

Roof evaluations are a valuable asset during the negotiation process. Evaluations determine the age of all your roofing and gutter systems and their life expectancies, as well as the cost of replacements in today’s current market.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Your commercial roof is one of your most valuable assets. Having a scheduled maintenance plan in place to inspect the condition of your roof and prevent costly repairs or replacement at the first sign of deterioration is vital to extending the life of your roof and saving your organization money.