It’s been a wet summer in the Northeast. Between the frequent rain, scorching temperatures, and high humidity, your property, and the roof that covers it have taken a beating over the past few months. If you experience a leak, knowing its cause and getting it checked right away is the first step in addressing the problem. Leaving leaks unattended can result in repairs or replacements that are more costly than necessary. Understanding some of the common causes of roof leaks can help you address the situation promptly. SEALING ISSUES One of the most common causes of roof leaks is that something hasn’t been sealed properly or the seal has worn down. If the valley of your roof isn’t sealed properly, there’s a good chance you could experience a leak. The valley is where roofing planes meet. Water flows toward these sloped areas when it rains and if they aren’t sealed properly, a leak can occur. Additionally, if your roof has any flashing – like around skylights or chimneys – tar seal would have been used in these areas, to ensure water can’t penetrate. If this sealant is compromised, you could also end up with a leak. SHINGLES Shingles can cause leaks in two ways – either they’re old and damaged or they weren’t installed properly. As with anything, time can cause decay and damage. With time, shingles can crack and warp which allows water to seep through. You should inspect your shingles biannually, to ensure they’re still whole and doing their job properly. One way to tell if your shingles were installed improperly is to see if there are any nails visible. Nails in shingles should be covered by the next overlapping shingle. If you see nails, you could have a leak issue. CLOGS & VENTILATION Typically, proper attic ventilation isn’t as much of an issue in the Northeast, but with the humidity of this past summer, it should be considered. If heat and moisture get trapped in your attic, it can cause a leak. When moisture is trapped in the attic, it can lead to mold growing on roofing parts. This can weaken the components and cause damage. Additionally, clogs in drainage systems, like gutters, can cause major problems. You should always make sure gutters are clear and that your roof is free of debris as both are common causes of roof leaks. With more than 30 years in the industry, Cooper Roofing knows how to address any roofing issue and wants to be your trusted partner. We want to help you get your property prepared for Fall & Winter.  Contact Cooper Roofing to schedule a roof inspection or discuss preventative maintenance.