Cooper Roofing supports property owners and managers nationwide with 24/7 service to repair roofs on commercial and industrial buildings. As expert roof contractors since 1986, we’ve seen commercial, industrial, office, retail, and institutional buildings suffer structural damage, stains, and mold from even the smallest leaks that persist over time.

A functional roof protects and preserves the value and contents inside of any property. Cooper Roofing knows that repairing a leak quickly is far more cost-effective than remediating water damage, so it’s important to call for Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair at the first sign of any leak.

24/7 Roof Service

Need emergency roof repair? No problem. Whether your commercial building is in New Jersey or California, CooperRoofing’s team of highly-trained technicians respond quickly to assess leaks and offer optimal solutions for commercial and industrial Roof Repair. Using thermal imaging cameras and manual measuring, we seek to identify factors that may cause your roof system to fail, such as age, severe weather, poor workmanship, defective materials, incorrect system specifications, and improper maintenance.

Our experienced team of roofing technicians conducts bi-annual roof inspections to detect minor issues and potential problems before damage occurs—preserving your budget as well as your building. And our commercial roofing contractors are experts in industrial metal roofing service. You can trust our team to service your commercial roofing system.

Cooper Roofing is fully licensed and fully insured from coast to coast. Call Cooper Roofing today at 1-866-264-5846 to schedule your commercial roof inspection, or whenever you need industrial roof repair.