What is a Professional Roof Inspection Going to Cost YOU? Whether you’re buying or selling a property, or just thinking, ‘it might be time to for a check-up’, it’s worthwhile to have a full property and roof inspection performed by a licensed professional.  Roof evaluations are a valuable asset for property owners and property managers as they determine the age and life expectancies of the current roofing and gutter systems. Knowing the roof’s condition and age will help when budgeting capital improvements, as well as preventing large-scale deteriorations.  What is a Roof Inspection? A professional roof inspection provides a thorough assessment of the roof’s overall condition including the level of ‘wear and tear’, life expectancy, and repairs needed (now and in the future). A professional roof inspector is trained to accurately assess the lifespan of the roof, without removing any part of the roof. What Does a Roofing Inspector Look For? Wooden Shingles should be checked for rot. Metal Roof should be inspected for rust. Fibreglass shingles should be inspected for cracks. Shingle Blow offs Moisture Damage Faulty Seams, Damaged Flashings, Weak Joints, Blistering or Curling Shingles Ponding Water Climate conditions will have different effects on your property and shingles.

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Graph of interior and exterior pain points checked during a roof inspection by Cooper Roofing What is the Average Cost of a Roof Inspection? As with all services, the price of a roofing inspection depends on the roof. Style, size, and location of your building all factor into the final cost. The cost of a roofing inspection will vary based on the inspector’s expertise and the variance of your roofing system.  Investing in high-quality, thorough roofing inspections will save you large costs throughout the years.

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