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Welcome to P Cooper Roofing, Inc.

P. Cooper Roofing, Inc. is a full service commercial and industrial roofing contractor and thanks to our customer referrals, we grow daily.

Chuck Goss established P. Cooper Roofing, Inc. in the Philadelphia area in 1986 to fulfill his desire to build a team that would offer clients an honorable company with economical pricing and superior service. In 1989, Chuck brought in Mike Hoch to assist in developing this company into one of this regions' best roofing contracting firms that is family owned/operated with over 30 year's industry experience. A business that grew primarily from quality and professionalism with residential roofing clients, evolved quickly with an opportunity through the McDonalds Corporation. P. Cooper Roofing began to establish a distinguished reputation with apartment owners and management companies, as well as a remarkable standing with The McDonalds Corporation, CVS Pharmaceuticals, and 7-11 stores.

Today, P. Cooper Roofing is able to say we have met and exceeded our goals to provide high quality workmanship for the commercial and industrial industries we serve. Our work is primarily received by referral which is a true testament to our commitment to our clients and our work. P. Cooper Roofing also works with several non profit organizations to help improve the lives and communities of the less fortunate. Chuck, Mike and the entire P. Cooper Roofing family strongly believe in the practice of giving back for our past and future successes.

Our commitment to our clients and quality work is first and foremost … “Because Integrity Matters”

Services Overview

P Cooper Roofing, Inc. Services Overview
  • Our roofing services are available in PA, NJ, NY DE, MD, DC and VA
  • P. Cooper Roofing, Inc. offers numerous preventative maintenance plans.
  • The corporation offers fully equipped dedicated service crews to perform repairs and emergency service on a variety of roof systems.
  • Our service crews are equipped to work with HVAC contractors in the installation of HVAC equipment.
  • Excellent safety record.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • We offer full evaluations and all assessments are free of charge.
We operate many buildings and consequently work with many contractors. We have a long and very satisfying relationship with P. Cooper Roofing. I would and frequently do recommend them to all my friends and clients in the business.

- Alan R. Hammer
Owner - Affiliated Management, Inc. | Brach Eichler, LLC